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Hywel Dda "The Good": Laws, English Overlordship, and the end of the United Merfynion

Medieval Welsh History 825-950: The Merfynion Dynasty Part 4:  Hi all, and thank you for your continued support and help in running this blog! I am super excited today to be bringing you the last of the early Merfynion kings - and their last ruler as a united kingdom, Hywel Dda! So if this is your first visit, and you're interested in learning about Celtic Studies as a whole, you may want to check out my Guide on Self-Studying Celtic Studies ! If you're fascinated by Celtic literature (and who isn't) try my article giving a feminist take on the Mabinogi ! If you're interested in reading where Hywel Dda - and the Merfynion - actually came from, you may want to try the first three articles in the series - on Merfyn Frych , Rhodri Maw r, and Anarawd ap Rhodri and the Sons of Rhodri Mawr !  Hywel Dda "the Good" Hywel Dda was the son of Cadell ap Rhodri, and the nephew of Anarawd ap Rhodri. As we have already seen, speculation links him to the driving back of the V

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